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October 23, 2012
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2nd Anniversary Cobaldramon by Bowser-The-King 2nd Anniversary Cobaldramon by Bowser-The-King
Edit: Brief poem of sorts on Cobaldramon's own thoughts of what goes on around it.

Exactly two years ago, I had designed the mighty Hydra Digimon that would be one of three that would be the mascot Digimon out of my designs I would make. Not only were they Super Ultimate, complete with lines going down all the way to Fresh, but they were so powerful that even if another Digimon that was stronger than Super Ultimate presented itself to the three Digimon, their power levels would increase to surpass the opponent. All three, which consisted of Brondramon, the Bronze Twilight Dragon, and Cobaldramon, the Cobalt Solar Eclipse Hydra, both were presented in a different manor from each other. Brondramon was fast, agile, and intelligent, where Cobaldramon was powerful, slow, and not so bright. Cobaldramon, out of all three designs, is my most favorite of the three Dragon Digimon, and perhaps the most massive pain in the ass to draw.

Changes made since original pic:
-Removal of the wing fins. Cobaldramon never really did fly with them, so they were removed with the previous redesign.
-Change of the shade of blue that Cobaldramon is. Middle head has always had a darker blue for it's colors since the original.
-The second mouth below the mouth piece is more hidden then it was before.
-The right head originally looked more like it's other two heads, but then I redesigned it to look deformed a little bit in comparison.
-One incarnation of it's Mega stage Megydramon had barbels on the lower jaw, but this was never seen in Cobaldramon at all and since then Megydramon's barbels had been removed.

Cobaldramon was the first Digimon I ever designed. Based off a realistic sketch of Gyarados, the basic inspiration was an aquatic sea serpent mixed in with a Hydra. Where the double jaw feature for each head came from is a mystery, as the middle jaw is a cybernetic piece of it's jaw, where everything else on Cobaldramon is purely organic. Cobaldramon's design at first had more of a dorsal fin to it, and also had wings as well. However, once I became more skilled at how I drew my designs and creatures, both features were removed, as Cobaldramon couldn't possibly fly with the wings it had, and it's own movement in particular would be a problem with it's three heads.
Originally, the other two heads had no minds of their own, and each head moved in sync controlled by the middle head. However, with the "Thunder" head redesign, each head behaved on it's own. While Brondramon was based on Fire, and Jadedramon being Ice, Cobaldramon was based on both those two and Thunder as well, each element going with a certain head. Like an actual Hydra, if it's head was cut off, it would regenerate in an instant. However, the heads do not multiply. The one key factor was that the Fire head, which is always the middle head, was always a darker shade of blue than the rest of the body.
In early concepts of Bronze and Cobalt, both versions were called Twilight (As in a real world Twilight) and Eclipse (As in a Solar Eclipse). Due to such, Cobaldramon was originally called Eclipdramon, and appeared whenever a Solar eclipse occurred to cause absolute devastation in an area. Due to, er, obvious reasons (*coughtwilightseriescough*), both names were changed to the colors of both dragon Digimon, with Twilidramon being renamed Brondramon and Eclipdramon being renamed Cobaldramon. However, the summoning period during a Solar Eclipse was kept unchanged. Both Brondramon and Cobaldramon will wreak total havoc and chaos if they ever met, because their signature abilities caused their power to increase the tougher the opponent is, and due to both of them having the same ability they'd go out of control.
That point is when Jadedramon was designed, who cancels out their abilities and turns their power levels back to their normal ones. Jadedramon defeats both of them by freezing them both in a glacier and shattering them to pieces, effectively destroying them. However, their data is so powerful they get re-incarnated as their Fresh stages upon destruction.
In the main storyline, Cobaldramon is the final boss of Cobalt Version, and is not killed at all, but rather defeated and disappears, leaving behind scan data for it's Fresh Stage.

Cobaldramon's Statistics:
Attribute: Virus
Element: Energy
Family: Dragon's Roar
Type: Lightr
Level: Super Ultimate
HP: *****
MP: ******
Attack: ****
Defense: ******
Spirit: *****
Speed: *
Rarity: Legendary
Whenever a Solar Eclipse occurs in the Digital World, a shining, Cobalt Hydra will appear in the center of the Moon's shadow; Cobaldramon. When it does appear, it will create nothing but chaos and devastation as it's three heads destroy and devour everything in sight.
Happy birthday ... giant monster that looks really creepy. Definitely would suit the Digimon world a lot better than anything else.
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