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Kagugora (God Lands Era) by Bowser-The-King
Kagugora (God Lands Era)
"  ,?y "n is ,dragora = ,i am "o4"
-Kagugora's only known line of dialogue, unable to be translated save for part of it having "dragora" in the line.

Name: Kagugora
Title: The Infinite One
Gender: None
Age: 7 trillion years
Height: 122 meters tall (780 meter wingspan)
Weight: 12 quadrillion tons
Evolves From: Kagubot + Dragora
Tier: Ancient Omnigod

Eons ago, Dragora Trinity briefly tapped into an unknown source of power that allowed him to access that form. However, that is NOT the true evolved form of Dragora, as due to the recent revelation about Dragora's true origins, it was revealed that if Dragora fully tapped into Kagubot's, his ancient self, power, that he would transform into the strongest Ultimorian Deity known to exist, under the name "Kagugora", which would threaten who knows how many multiverses within range of Ultimoria, as Kagugora's power has the ability to completely end all of existence just like how Kagubot had threatened with it's mere existence. However, whereas Kagubot was not a fairly intelligent being and was handicapped by it's incredible size, Kagugora was not hindered anywhere near as much, and is an incredibly intelligent being. This, combined with Kagugora's unstable raw energy that it's constantly emitting from itself, leaves the only Deity capable of countering Kagugora being Grandis, who's technology is not hindered by the insane amount of raw energies given off by Kagugora's wings.
BONUS 1 Jackass Djinn Pt.1 by Bowser-The-King
BONUS 1 Jackass Djinn Pt.1
Thus the comic continues with a few revelations of the new Legendary Hoopa, specifically with how FREAKING HUGE Unbound Forme is (Okay not AS huge as seen here, but still pretty damn big by Pokemon standards).

For clarifications from what I've gathered;

-Unbound Hoopa is AT LEAST 21 feet tall in HEIGHT, whereas every other Legendary past this mark is only this size or larger due to their LENGTH.
-Weighs at least a ton.
-Psychic/Dark Type.
-Magician Ability.
-Hyperspace Fury basically has it summon portals to attack all the while, for a brief moment, it appears from one of them and laughs at the target.
-Hyperspace Fury NEVER MISSES and bypasses Protect, Detect, and all similar moves.
-Hoopa's PokeDex Species changes to "The Djinn Pokemon" in this forme.
-The item that transforms it is called "Prison Bottle", and the dialogue of how you get it suggests that Unbound Hoopa is a transformation that lasts a total of three days before reverting back to normal.
-Normal Hoopa is called Confined Forme.
-The portals used in some of it's move animations are identical to the ones the Legendaries pop out from in OR/AS.

Previous: Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke 23 Cruel Secrets Pt.1
Kagubot (Ancient Era) by Bowser-The-King
Kagubot (Ancient Era)
"  ,,d ,,n ,,9t}f}e4"
-Kagubot's only known line translated into text formate.

Name: Kagubot
Title: The Infinite One
Gender: None
Age: 12 Trillion Years (19 Trillion as of the present)
Height: Several trillion light years.
Weight: -12.2 lbs
Tier: Absolute Omnigod

Existing long before Dragora was born, Kagubot is the first Ultimorian to have ever existed, and it's essence would later reincarnate into Dragora itself after it ultimately perished. Little to nothing is known about Kagubot, but it's size is massive even for an Ultimorian Deity of any kind, to the point the former record holder of Dragora the Central is microscopic compared to Kagubot. In another language, Kagubot stands for "Chaos", which is what Kagubot's mere existence caused every other dimension that existed at the time of it's reign over the very space that would forged into Dragora's body, and it never moved from this very spot, and kept on continuously growing in power and size for 12 trillion years, until all of existence itself decided to continue forward against Kagubot, and every being that existed at the time, including all of existence itself, fired a massive burst of energy at Kagubot from every different and angle possible, completely vaporizing Kagubot's body and power within mere seconds, but at the complete destruction of life, the universe, and everything... until everything was reconfigured and absorbed into a pitch black egg that would later pave way to Dragora's protoform, hinting that despite having effectively killed off everyone to possibly ever exist, past, present, and future, it still survives in the form of Dragora. No Ultimorian Deity can even begin to comprehend just what could possibly happen to existence yet again should Dragora unleash enough of a power surge to completely resurrect Kagubot itself...

Design Notes:
-Kagubot's design is the finally explain the exact origins of Dragora and the Ultimorian Universe. Basically before Ultimoria and every other "modern" universe, there existed an entire collection of multiverses spanning in the thousands, and Kagubot was a deity that threatened everything with an entire collapse of existence itself. It's own demise simply resulted in all of existence being reset to where Dragora is created, and Ultimoria soon follows in the universes that are reborn afterwards...
Bomberman Classic: Nurse-chan by Bowser-The-King
Bomberman Classic: Nurse-chan
"Say, you have an intriguing object I find rather familiar looking... It's been AGES since I've seen that artifact... Tell ya what, care to dance with me if you're going to be holding onto that? With the power emanating from that object, so why don't we have a dance sweety, and see who the strongest Bombermen truly is in this existence...? Just be careful, I don't hold back... Hehe~!"
-Centauri conversing with Mirror M regarding a special artifact that activates her past form.

So you're wondering why Mirror M is now the Omega when Darigus normally has that title, eh? Well, here's your answer. This is Centauri, or as you'll be referring to her most of the time, "Nurse-chan", since only Mirror M knows of her actual name. Eons ago, Nurse-chan existed as an Omnipotent Angel that allowed Charaboms to rise to power greater than what's currently seen in the modern day. As time passed, most of them lost their famous powers as it got absorbed into the Angel's Flower, which if the actual flower was used in the modern day and none of the original sources of it's power still alive in the nearby range, it could allow someone to perfect the most powerful weapon to the point even Grandis could be destroyed with it. Mirror M, however, knows full well of what the artifact is capable of, and aides in preventing it from falling into Bagura's hands, and in the end of the arc it's introduced, we see that it can temporarily restore Centauri's past form of Alpha Centauri, as she and Mirror M are fully charged with their respective powers, as they do a brief battle which ends in a draw.

In normal cases, though, Nurse-chan is a doctor at Shiramu Inc., who's visited by every character at least once in the series, even appearing frequently with Mirror M, due to the fact the male characters are constantly being death glared at by Mirror M; this is the main twist with Nurse-chan, as she's the Alpha of this universe, yet compared to Mirror M and Darigus's constant fighting, Mirror M and Nurse-chan are lovers, to the point they sometimes mimic each other in their dialogue, though most prominent with Nurse-chan since her dialogue better showcases more frequently than Mirror M, since the latter barely gets a chance to showcase it since he's normally on guard duty. That doesn't stop Kuro from trying to flirt with Nurse-chan, though, since apparently this IS the reason why Mirror M was so pissed off with Kuro in Page 2, since he either foresaw this rivalry happening or something else.
Bomberman Classic: Page 2 by Bowser-The-King
Bomberman Classic: Page 2
Note: I updated the initial pages since I didn't think I'd actually make the planned release date for Page 2 thanks to OR/AS giving me something else to do, but luckily I just now finished Page 2 to upload and keep everything on schedule, so I'll restore the schedule list once I have the time to calculate it again.

Arc 0: Job Applications:
In this arc, the old Bomberman characters, having been out of the job for at least three years, are all hired by a mysterious client under the name Shiramu Inc., so that they are scheduled for their new game in which it is yet another hectic battle of good and evil with twists even they don't expect to occur being thrown in. Their boss, Grandis, is the one who will be in charge of their duties as heroes and villains alike.

Page List for this Arc (with release dates):

Pg.0: Bomberman Classic: Page 0
Pg.1: Bomberman Classic: Page 1
Pg.2: HERE
Pg.3: TBA
Pg.4: TBA
Pg.5: TBA
Pg.6: TBA
Pg.7: TBA
Pg.8: TBA
Pg.9: TBA
Pg.10: TBA
Pg.11: TBA
Pg.12: TBA

-Grandis's design reveals that his helmet has his human part underneath of it in the last panel. Whether or not this'll be important or not remains to be seen, but it's a detail I decided to include at the last minute since I had proper space to do so.
-Originally Mirror M's Dragozaur form WAS a statue... until I decided to give something legit for Mirror M to do if he's not going to be in actual battles for most of the time; in the form of a guard dog-like Dragon for the office building.
-Max also is a human wearing a helmet, but this is not also the case for the Bombermen, since this'll only apply to characters that are capable of this and don't have to word "Bomber" in their name. In Max's case, given how his design has a helmet to begin with, he'll be a human with intense bomb abilities like his game counterpart.
-The reason Max's human face isn't seen through his visor like how Grandis's was shown was due to the fact the latter only had it as a last minute addition to the page.
-All of the personally designed Charabom seen on Panel 2's picture frames will appear later as minions of Bagura. The ancient painting of an Angel is actually foreshadowing for a normal character who you'll see within the introduction arc later.
-The different font for Mirror M only applies to Phase 2-4 of his forms. His normal form has the same font as everyone else. Regardless, his text color if always depicted as it is here on this page.
-Dragozaur's appearance is different from his concept art, but this is the final design revision's look.
-As described in Nurse-chan's recent pic, she and Mirror M are lovers. The reason why Mirror M is so pissed off at Kuro? Because prior to noticing him, he was too busy gawking at an ancient drawing of Nurse-chan's original form "Alpha Centauri".
Stolen from :iconpokepikapower:. Because I stole this rather than being tagged, I'm not tag anyone else until I know who to tag at all.

Pokemon Randomizer: (Switch to "All Regions" and "1") Only one Pokemon per question. Tag one or more people when you're finished.

1. This pokemon is your best friend.
Odd, I always imagined I'd get a Ghost Type for this one.

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion.
Oh great, I have to find a way to impress Mr. Fairy Dog without bringing in the Dragons. Again.

3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project.

Go... To... Sleep...

4.  This Pokémon is looking for every way possible to murder you.

5.  This Pokémon is your father-in-law.
This part of the meme used to be mother-in-law, but Sawk is Male Only so I changed it.

6.  This Pokémon is your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Hell no.

7. This Pokémon is your ex.

...I miss her...

8. This Pokémon stalks you every waking moment.
Heh, I was wondering when my negative comment towards Cinccino I made back in High School would come to bite me in the ass.

9.  This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you.
Could've been worse in all honesty.

10.  This Pokémon ate all your cheesecake.
I don't even eat cheesecake. I just gave the guy with the biggest mouth the food so I didn't have to worry.

11.  This Pokémon is what you felt in your bed last night.
Well THAT explains everything all of a sudden!

12.  This Pokémon punched your mum.
Then my dad and his friends in the cops arrive and beat the crap out of the nutjob.

13.  This Pokémon will do anything to try and steal your shoes.
Crustle do you want me to replace that boulder on your back with a giant restaurant so you wouldn't even be able to move anymore?

14.  This Pokémon died by your own hands.

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life.

16.  This Pokémon reads you bed time stories.
Remind me to ask my mom for my winter blanket sooner.

17.  This Pokémon is your loving pet.
I've got more fucking monsters in my own house than everyone else does in the loch ness.

18.  This Pokémon is your creepy dentist.
Hilarious in hindsight much?

19.  This Pokémon is what you dream about every day.
Heh. Figured I'd remember what Pokemon I used for part of my original X Team now.

20.  This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.


Marty Mollohan
United States
Well, it's certainly been a LONG time since I updated this thing, haven't I? I've hit 20K Page Views, nearing 100 Watchers, and having favorite too many pics for me to count. Let me make one thing perfectly clear about my work, in that I am not perfect, nor am I the epic GOD that is :iconkaijusamurai:, but I assure you I try my best to succeed whenever possible. Even if I use MS Paint, you have to admit, my lineart is solid compared to most of the others using the same program.... Most of the times, that is.

I don't even know where to begin as to how much things have changed over the years. I'm in college at DeVry University in Ohio, traveling at least 45 hours to get there, still can't drive on my own yet even though I'll eventually need to in the future, now have a girlfriend after thinking any chance of an actual love life for me was doomed, got on the freakin DEAN'S LIST for the May-August Semester at college, have an extreme obsession with Pokemon to the point it's unhealthy for me every time a new main series game is released, and the only thing that HASN'T changed within my time at DA is that I still use Microsoft Paint.

Well, what is there to say about me anymore? I've made a Nuzlocke series since last year that's currently finished three seasons, and I am now getting into fanfiction (Though my early work varies in quality, believe me), so I'm expanding my horizons a bit more with what else I do here at this hideout of mine that is my own room. Same as it ever was, as I always say. I have also began to recently begin Video Game Development as my career, as currently I have began my first game project (Which varies from flawed to near perfect with each official release depending on glitches...). Other than that, not much else has changed. I'm not sure if I'm still anywhere near the old me as I was in 2009 when I first joined this site, but I know one thing, I've definitely changed, but is it for the good, or for the better...?

Current Residence: Ohio, United States.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game, Orchestral, Overal Epicness.
Favourite artist: :iconkaijusamurai: has sure really ascended to even further godhood over the years hasn't he?
Favourite style of art: Anime in some cases, though I do prefer 3D Modeling given how complex that stuff is to work with.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My PSP, which is pretty much currently it's only major use other than for Final Fantasy I and II's 20th Anniversary remakes.
Shell of choice: Bowser's big shell if anything, either that or whatever tech Blastoise has hiding in it's shell.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever fits the mood.
Favorite animal: Bears in general
Favorite live action character: Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim.
Favorite cartoon character: Mordecai from Regular Show.
Favorite anime character: Inuyasha from, well, Inuyasha.
Favorite video game character: Emboar from Pokemon.
Favorite live action villain: Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Favorite cartoon villain: Beast Wars Megatron from Transformers: Beast Wars. Yesssssss...
Favorite anime villain: Frieza from Dragonball Z.
Favorite video game villain: Bowser from Mario. He always has this natural charm as a villain or playable character that it deems it impossible for me to find any other favorite villain for this category.
Favorite cartoon shipping: Jerlita. I know for a fact Jeremie and Aelita were the ones to make me into the hopeless romantic I am now.
Favorite anime shipping: It's a complete tie between the Canon Sorata, or the fan preferred Taiora. Both have their ups and downs in the fanart I see that I can't possibly chose one over the other.
Favorite Video Game Ship: Ikki and Erika of Medabots. What, you didn't know Medabots was a game franchise to begin with? Then get lost before I Ultrashot yo ass onto the freakin streets.
Favorite Quote: "My name is Reggie. I'm about kickin' ass, I'm about takin' names, and we're about makin' games."
Favorite summoning enchant: EVERY summon from Bayonetta ever. EVER. The pain that follows never gets old. Never.
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